Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) is a national, non-profit association aiming to inspire private investments made in potential early stage companies. 
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Fiban ry
E-mail: info(at)
Phone: +358 207350160
Adress: Kampin Huippu, Urho Kekkosen katu 2, Helsinki 00100, Finland
Business ID (Y-tunnus:): 2480326-2 
Association number: 205.158

Laskutus (Verkkolaskut): OVT-tunnus: 003724803262, Operaattori: BasWare




Jan D. Oker-Blom | Managing Director
Phone: +358 405517551 

Claes Mikko Nilsen | Network Manager
Phone: +358 504913001 

BOARD 2015

Jaakko Salminen | Chairman
Contact: jaakko(at) | (+358)40 7613775
Jaakko Salminen is an active business angel and done business angel investments since his corporational and entrepreneurial career. Jaakko has funtioned as the CEO of Ohjelmistoyrittäjät and is interested in ICT/SW focused startups, especially music startups.
Anna-Kaarina Lipsanen | Vice-Chairman
Contact: anna-kaarina.lipsanen(at)
Anna-Kaarina Lipsanen has a family business background. She made her first business angel investment in 2011 and joined FiBAN in 2012. Her main interests are ICT-companies and med tech. 

Juha Kurkinen | Board member

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+358 400 469484 
Juha Kurkinen is one of the founders of FiBAN and the firsth board chairman 2010-2012. Juha has a corporational background and owns interest especially in startups with sector focus on food industry. 
Aarne Sipilä | Board Member 
Contact: aarne(at)
Aarne is an experieced business angel with a previous background from global corporations. Aarne's main focus is in ICT and high tech start-ups. 
Ari Hyppönen | Board Member
Contact: info(at)
Ari is a cleantech business angel with a portfolio of ten companies. His investments targets are startups that find new ways to use technology to let consumers and businesses save money and resources by reusing, recycling and becoming more energy efficient. Ari was with F-Secure Corporation for 20 years as a member of the board and CTO.
Torsti Tenhunen | Board member
Contact: torsti.tenhunen(at) | Linkedin  
Torsti Tenhunen is a seed investor, innovator and accelerator for startups in data, analytics, media and eCommerce. He is known as an unaffected value seeker, service innovator and brand strategist.

Harry Brade | Board member
Contact: harry.brade(at) | LinkedIn

Harry Brade is a business angel focusing on HC and HC IT with background from GE HC and Nokia. Main criteria for investments the team and is interested in impact investing.




Contact person 

Ari Korhonen
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Follow @arikorhonen  


Riku Asikainen, (Chairman)
Jaakko Salminen (Vice-Chairman)
Anne Berner
Aarne Sipilä
Juha Kurkinen
Pekka Vartiainen
Ari Hyppönen


Riku Asikainen, (Chairman)
Jaakko Salminen (Vice-Chairman)
Marika af Enehjelm (7/2013 saakka)
Tapio Heikkilä
Juha Kurkinen
Pekka Vartiainen
Ari Hyppönen


Juha Kurkinen, (Chairman)
Ari Korhonen (Vice-Chairman)
Mammu Kaario
Jussi Heinilä
Tapio Heikkilä
Riku Asikainen
Feodor Aminoff
Antti Hannula (Advisory board)
Risto Kalske (Advisory board)


FiBAN was founded by private investors in 2010 by the activity of Risto Kalske (Sitra) and private investors Juha Kurkinen (Rastor Oy) and Ari Korhonen. FiBAN started public activity in 2011. 

Juha Kurkinen
Ari Korhonen
Risto Kalske
Mammu Kaario
Jussi Heinilä
Tapio Heikkilä
Riku Asikainen
Feodor Aminoff
Heli Nelimarkka
Mammu Kaario
Jorma Petäjistö
Antti Tiitola
Rainer Frigren
Turo Levänen
Antti Hannula
Aarne Sipilä
Timo Pesola
Petri Lehmuskoski
Eero Lähteenmäki
Jussi Ilmarinen
Jussi Heinilä
Coordinator: Claes Mikko Nilsen